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Going national to connect private practitioners across the country.

After focusing on practices in the NY area, Iris Kimberg, MS PT OTR, a private practice consultant with over 40 years in the industry is now helping therapists across the country connect with each other to sublet office space, sell therapy equipment and help find the most qualified buyers for all types of physical, occupational and speech therapy private practices across the country.  Whether you are a solo sports medicine practitioner, a multi state provider, or own a pediatric sensory gym, whether you are ready to retire and pass the torch along, or have grown your practice as far as you can or want to, this is the place to find out the who, what, where and how to go about the process of selling your practice, or buying someone else's.  Listings in all categories are $75 and will stay live for 75 days.

Our June 5th webinar was extremely well received!! You can now get the recording which includes a 60 slide powerpoint. The webinar had a great deal of concrete, tangible and actionable ideas that you can take back to your practice and implement immediately to mitigate risks for audits, and Evelyn Capdevilla, MPT who works as a Medicare auditor is extremely knowledgeable on this topic.

Documenting for Medicare Part B Chart Audits to Prevent the Now What Moment

Notwithstanding the fact that chart audits should be viewed as  part of doing business as a Medicare provider, most therapists respond to a audit notice with dread and trepidation.  If and when CMS asks for copies of all your documentation, instead of fearing the worst and looking for blame – Was it the billing?  The notes?  it may just be that the answer is, it was just your time.  As Medicare providers, you are at risk for a chart audit sooner or later.  In fact, every claim you submit undergoes statistical analysis, and Medicare compares your claims data to the data for all other claims submitted.  Instead of fear, panic, and  blame, let’s be ready and prepared.
This webinar  provides you with the necessary information and tools to effectively handle chart audits and avoid insufficient documentation outcomes and denials.
This is appropriate for both PTs and OTs who bill Medicare Part B.

Upon request, once you complete a post webinar quiz, you can receive  a certificate of participation for 1.5 hours.  $75.00  Webinar includes a handout and copy of the powerpoint.





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for In person consultations, I spend seasonal time at all locations listed above. I do most of my work via telephone, email, skype or go to meetings.

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  The recording of the webinar INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS vs. EMPLOYEES is now available

The recording of the webinar INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS vs. EMPLOYEES is now available


Whether you are a practice owner who hires therapists, a therapist who is hired by a private practice, a home care agency, or hospital, or a therapist who holds themselves out to the public as an independent contractor, understanding what  these classifications really mean  is vital and has important ramifications for both parties.  It is time to take this issue out of the gray matter and separate fact from fiction. UBER has brought the matter of worker classification to the forefront in the last year but therapists have been dealing with this issue for 20 years!!
This webinar was  presented in detail from all perspectives as far as therapists are concerned, and from the vantage point of the Internal Revenue Service and the Labor Department, regardless of what state you live in. The recording, which includes the powerpoint and all the Live Q/A from the 20 plus therapists from 10 states who attended is now available.  You can take the post webinar quiz and be eligible for a Certificate of Participation.



 2018 Opportunity Listings plus
Helpful Products and Templates for Sale

Practices for sale -
August/Sept 2018

Pediatric Practice in Alabama

NEW!! Fantastic Opportunity to Purchase a Multidisicplinary and ABA Practice and a Grade A commercial property in Florida

NEW!  5500 sq foot Pediatric Center for Sale in
New Rochelle NY ( Westchester county)


allocation of purchase price

Contrary to what you may think, negotiations are NOT over once you find a suitable and qualified buyer and then agree on an ask price. Here is the information about what you need to know when you negotiate the allocation of the purchase price so that it is to your best tax advantage. For details and to purchase

CONFIDENTIALITY and Non Disclosure Form

Prior to any discussions about a practice sale/merger/or strategic partnership, it is important to have this form in place. This is downloadable and editable. $15  For details and To purchase


For therapists considering structuring a practice sale as a structured buy in, this tool will help you determine suitable buy in schedules based on down payments and monthly payments. $35 For details and to purchase



This formulized Excel spread  is an easy way  to start measuring your company’s potential value by determining your  Adjusted EBITDA, or earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. $75 For details and to purchase

GET YOUR LISTING FRONT AND CENTER to your targeted therapist audience.

Post your practice sale, sublet opportunity, equipment for sale, continuing education offering or product right here for $75 for 60 days.  OR let Iris send out a targeted and exclusive eblast to her data base of over 12,500 PTs OTs and STs.  Fee is $345 and includes help with the write up plus a 60 day posting here as well as posts on relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups.  For info:  iris@nytherapyguide.com



Questions about Selling Your Practice or Buying Someone Else's   

Iris has been involved in helping over 36 private practices sell their entities in New York City and New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, California, Oregon, Illinois, Colorado, North Carolina, and Alabama.  Iris has assisted in practice valuations to determine realistic ask prices, developed discreet marketing plans to announce practice sales, and has acted as an intermediary in negotiations and bringing a sale to a successful conclusion. Many times potential buyers of practices reach out to Iris  to help evaluate whether a practice is a good fit, or worth the ask price.  Consultation fees  start as $200 per hour pro-rated with no minimum or maximum time commitment and a simple one page agreement. For information on how we might be able to work together, please feel free to email me in confidence at iris@nytherapyguide.com or fill out the form below.  I look forward to hearing from you and potentially working together.

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I never act as a broker in a practice sale and never work on a commission basis. Often, I know both the buyer and the seller, do not want any appearance of a conflict of interest, and also firmly believe that if a deal is successful, it must be fair and equitable to both sides of the equation.
Iris Kimberg, MS PT OTR