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The download of your purchased recorded webinar will be sent to you directly from Dropbox within 4 hours of purchase along with any additional handouts if applicable. Each recording contains all the Q/A and the detailed, stand alone hybrid powerpoint. The webinar can be watched from your phone, laptop, tablet and computer 24/7/365. After you watch it you can email Iris at iris@nytherapyguide.com  to get the post webinar quiz so that you can  get a Certificate of Participation.

Legal and Ethical Issues Facing Private Practitioners

Legal and Ethical Issues Facing Private Practitioners


Why this webinar??? Because the longer you practice, the bigger you grow, the more out of the box you get, the greater your risk and exposure.  Regardless of what state you practice in, this webinar, hosted on GoToMeetings gives you a good foundation about issues you should be aware of, and enables you to have a more meaningful dialogue with your attorney if consulting one becomes necessary. Let’s be clear – there are things you should always do, never do, and  others you don’t have to do! i didn’t know …. is not a valid defense! and “Clarity” is NOT the typical adjective describing the law

Consider these Now What moments???

  • You signed a non compete but want to start your practice now…

  • You designed an innovative exercise program as an employee, but want to market it on your own…

  • You want to bring in a non therapist partner to help you grow…

  • Your marketer wants  a percentage of the revenue from each patient

  • The new practice in town has a name very similar to yours…

  • Your doors are open but your HIPAA plan of compliance is not in place

  • You dream of one day selling your practice, or leaving it to your children…

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Information covered 

  1. The Corporate Practice Act – what we need to know about it and how it impacts legal structures for practices regardless of the state you practice in

  2. Issues regarding hiring like and unlike professionals

  3. Important contract clauses  and what they really mean – non disclosure, non compete, non solicitation

  4. Understanding your malpractice and general liability insurance policies especially when providing non direct complementary services outside of the realm of your state practice act

  5. Considerations when starting secondary revenue streams including offering product sales, running groups

  6. Legal considerations  to know when establishing a marketing plan including FTC rules on logos, testimonials etc

  7. What is intellectual property and why should it concern therapists?

  8. When does  copyrights begin  and when are you giving up the rights to your material ?

  9. What is the difference between a trademark and a service mark and should you get one??

This webinar was presented live on June 6 2019. The recording is now available and can be viewed 24/7/365 and includes the powerpoint. Upon completion, you will be eligible to receive a certificate of participation for 2.5  contact hours. This material is NOT state specific and relevant to PTs OTs and STs.