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The download of your purchased recorded webinar will be sent to you directly from Dropbox within 4 hours of purchase along with any additional handouts if applicable. Each recording contains all the Q/A and the detailed, stand alone hybrid powerpoint. The webinar can be watched from your phone, laptop, tablet and computer 24/7/365. After you watch it you can email Iris at iris@nytherapyguide.com  to get the post webinar quiz so that you can  get a Certificate of Participation.

Two Part Live Webinar- Starting a Professional Private Practice

Two Part Live Webinar- Starting a Professional Private Practice


Trial and Error is NOT a business plan. This  2 part webinar was geared specifically for PTs OTs and STs therapists in the beginning stages of starting a professional private practice.  Starting a private practice is a multi faceted process in which the end product is an entity that matches both your business capabilities and your professional abilities. The purpose of this webinar is to offer a concrete, step by step approach to discussing all aspects of starting a practice.

The webinar included how to identify needs in the marketplace,  reviewing the legal forms that a practice can take, minimum start-up requirements and costs, identifying marketing strategies and contacts to build a referral base, beginning billing set-ups, and ideas to sustain your practice once it is up and running.

Purchase this webinar and  you will also  receive a downloadable copy of the 72 page workbook, Starting a Professional Private practice along with the powerpoint and access to the recorded webinar 24/7/365. This 72 page work book is a comprehensive in depth guide with sample forms, letter and extensive on and offline resources.  All of the questions/answers were recorded as well.

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Part One   

1) Identifying a need that your practice can meet
2)Who, What and Where – Market research to find a location, carve out a niche and
3)Determining the Legal Structure of Your Practice – building the proper foundation is key
4)Choosing a Name and Establishing a Brand – On and Off line

Part Two  

1) Developing a business or action plan that is easy to write and follow
2)Insurance, HIPAA and FERPA Requirements to Mitigate Risks
3)Billing 101
4)Contracting with Insurance Companies vs. Out of Network and Cash based- finding the balance
5)Financial Considerations – Budgeting, loans and start up costs
6)Formulating an Integrated Marketing Plan to take you through the  crucial first year
7)How to Look  ahead using a compass instead of a clock

Upon request, you can receive a certificate of participation for 3 hours.

This webinar was presented by Iris Kimberg, MS PT OTR. Iris has consulted with over 300 therapists from 35 states who have gone on to start and grow successful private practices in pediatrics, hands, orthopedics, women’s health, geriatric and wellness.